What Is Finger Grip Router Bit

A finger grip router bit, also known as a finger joint router bit or box joint router bit, is a specialized cutting tool used in woodworking to create finger joints or box joints. It is designed to cut precise interlocking fingers or square notches that fit together to form strong and visually appealing joints in wooden pieces.

1. Bit Design:

A finger grip router bit typically consists of a cylindrical shank with a cutting head at the end. The cutting head has multiple carbide-tipped blades arranged in a specific pattern to create the desired finger joint. The blades are usually arranged in alternating pattern, with one blade cutting a notch and the adjacent blade cutting the finger.

2. Purpose:

The primary purpose of a finger grip router bit is to create interlocking joints between two pieces of wood. Finger joints are known for their strength and ability to provide a large gluing surface area, making them ideal for joining boards or panels together to create boxes, drawers, cabinets, frames, and other woodworking projects.

3. Joint Types:

Finger grip router bits can create different types of finger joints, including:

  • Standard Finger Joint: This type of joint features equally spaced fingers and notches that interlock with one another.
  • Box Joint: Box joints are similar to finger joints but have wider fingers and notches. They are commonly used for creating decorative joints or for joining thicker stock.
  • Variable Spaced Finger Joint: This joint type has varying sizes and spacing of fingers and notches, allowing for more intricate and visually appealing designs.

  • 4. Material Compatibility:

    Finger grip router bits can be used on various types of wood, including softwoods, hardwoods, plywood, and MDF (medium-density fiberboard). However, it is essential to choose the appropriate bit and adjust the speed and feed rate according to the specific wood being worked on.

    Door Lip & Finger/Drawer Pull Router Bit-Concave B

    5. Router Compatibility:

    Finger grip router bits are typically used with a router table rather than a handheld router. The router table provides stability and precision when cutting the joints. However, some finger grip bits can also be used with handheld routers, depending on their design and the user's skill level.

    6. Using a Finger Grip Router Bit:

    To create finger joints using a finger grip router bit, follow these steps:

  • Set up the router table: Install the finger grip router bit securely in the router table, ensuring it is centered and aligned properly.
  • Adjust the height: Adjust the height of the bit to the desired depth of the finger joint, keeping in mind the thickness of the material being used.
  • Adjust the fence: Set the fence on the router table to determine the width of the finger joint, considering the size of the fingers and notches required.
  • Safety precautions: Put on safety glasses, hearing protection, and any other appropriate safety gear.
  • Test run: Perform a test run on scrap material to ensure the setup is correct and the desired joint is achieved.
  • Make the cuts: Position the workpiece against the fence and feed it into the rotating bit, making sure to maintain a consistent and steady feed rate. Use a push block or push stick to keep your hands at a safe distance from the bit.
  • Repeat cuts: Move the workpiece along the fence, making multiple passes to create the desired number of fingers or notches. It's important to maintain consistent pressure and feed rate to ensure clean and accurate cuts.
  • Assembly: Apply glue to the joint surfaces and join the pieces together, interlocking the fingers and notches. Clamp the joint securely until the glue dries.

  • 7. Maintenance:

    To ensure the longevity and performance of your finger grip router bit, it's important to keep it clean and sharp. Regularly clean the bit after use to remove any wood debris or resin buildup. Sharpen or replace the blades as needed to maintain clean and precise cuts.

    Door Lip & Finger/Drawer Pull Router Bit-Mountain Shape

    Finger grip router bits are versatile tools that enable woodworkers to create strong and visually appealing finger joints or box joints. With proper setup, technique, and safety precautions, you can achieve professional-quality joints for a wide range of woodworking projects.


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